I’m an assistant professor of political science at Monmouth College with academic roots at the University of Michigan (PhD) and the University of Wisconsin (BA). Before MC, I held a postdoc at George Washington University.

My teaching & research integrate public opinion, communication, psychology, history, & research methods. My work appears in  Public Opinion QuarterlyPolitical Behavior, Political Communication,  Aggressive Behavior, and elsewhere. These projects often involve communication experiments, innovative measures, and intersections of politics and aggression in the U.S. and abroad.

My award-winning dissertation and subsequent studies investigate how violent metaphors and the public’s aggressive traits shape political behavior, including partisan polarization & voter mobilization. I’m also finishing a book on ideology in the American public (w/ Don Kinder) and advancing a book on partisan voting & violence during the U.S. Civil War, plus other papers.

At MC, I co-lead the Midwest Matters poll, direct the pre-law program, and organize American politics events. Next year I’ll be department chair & Quantitative Reasoning task force member.

Feel free to email me at: nkalmoe@monmouthcollege.edu